About Us

Our story begins on Stockbridge Avenue, tucked way in the heart of Kalamazoo, MI. It was our first home we lived together during college, and a cozy little space we got to make our own. We set up shop in our garage and began creating just to create - making things for our home, our families, and friends. I loved being able to decorate my home with meaningful pieces that I poured my time and heart into. Wood working has always been a hobby of ours, and we love to carry that aspect into our products. Creating wood pieces has been one of our favorite things from the start. We love designing pieces that can be apart of your life for many, many years - something that you might even be able to pass down to family, or a friend. With the help of our CNC router, we can engrave meaning right into our products, which is one of my favorite parts! It's an added bonus being able to combined my calligraphy into our pieces as well, making them extra unique and original. 
While we won't live on Stockbridge Ave forever, we thought naming the business after it would be the perfect nod to our homage and remind us where it all started.
With love,
Scout, Dylan & Indy